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The Executive is an important pillar supporting the structure of democracy. Honest and unbiased bureaucrats can play a decisive role in checking and controlling the ill motives of communal politicians. It is, however, very unfortunate that we have absolutely negligible representation in Civil Services.

No serious efforts on the community level have been made in this direction. In the present time, there are many spheres where we have neither any representation nor any contribution, for example media. But there are some very important fields where there is total vacuum in respect of our participation and contribution. These spheres are similar to the vital vein of the country, like the centres for the preparation of Civil Services Examinations. 

Today the education has become privatized to a large extent. The institutions that cater to the needs of preparation for Civil Services and other central services, are escalating in all the cities. At one hand our representation in the Civil Services is next to nothing; on the other hand, there exists a complete void in our coaching system. The Government Minority Institutions are having coaching facilities, but a large number of civil services aspirants prefer private coaching centres. However, we do not have our presence in the emerging coaching system also.

In 2001 Maulana Mohd. Fazlur Rahim Mujaddidi accepted this challenge and initiated his efforts to fill this vacuum. Due to the revivalist spirit and his revolutionary thinking, the role of Muslims is visible, at least in U.P. and Delhi. In the academic institutes established by him, the students, without any discrimination of caste or creed, are preparing for the competitive examinations. We can say it, without any hesitation, that the students leaving out from our centres, wherever they get appointed, will discharge their duties without any discrimination, and with dedication and honesty.

The first centre under the banner of Crescent Academy was established in Aligarh in the year 2002. After this, another centre was opened in Lucknow. Through the experience of these centres, we came to the conclusion that although these centres could cater to the needs of State Services Exams, there was a dire need of a centre in Delhi for the preparation of Central Civil Services Exams. Delhi is the hub of coaching activities in the field of Civil Services Exams because the office of Union Public Service Commission is located here. Also, efficient and competent faculties of different subjects are available here. Keeping in view this specific status, the Delhi Centre was established in Dec. 2003.

In 2004, Mr. Mohd. Iqbal Khan, having vast experience in the academic and coaching sphere, was engaged as the Director to steer the academy.

The Delhi centre is responsible for making academic strategies and framing out future plans for the efficient functioning of the academy. The Interview and Personality Assessment is the integral part of Civil Services Exams. The Delhi centre facilitates the aspirants to go through this most crucial part of the examination by conducting mock interview sessions in the presence of a board comprising of prominent personalities in the field of literature, administration, academics and management. Assignments and subject contents are also prepared by the joint work of faculties and Crescent Academy academic staff.

KEY HIGHLIGHTS of Crescent Academy

  1. Comprehensive Mains Syllabus Coverage
  2. Strengthening Fundamental Concepts with a strong focus on reinforcing core concepts
  3. Special emphasis on grasping question tone and requirements.
  4. Encouragement for critical and independent examination of questions.
  5. Development of effective answer writing skills, including structuring and presentation.
  6. Well-researched questions aligned with real exam standards.
  7. Timely evaluation of answer copies by experienced evaluators.
  8. A comprehensive feedback mechanism designed to assist every aspirant.
  9. Guidance to manage time efficiently during question attempts.
  10. Extensive focus on integrating fundamental concepts with current national and international events.
  11. One-on-one mentorship for tailored feedback and
  12. Adequate time allocated for revision.
  13. A structured yet adaptable schedule, allowing candidates to take tests at their convenience after the scheduled
  14. Special strategy sessions to prepare for exam hall
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