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Study Details

Study Material

There are numerous books on subject and topic and the list of books available on each subject is quite large.There is need to select the right kind of books, rather relevant chapters of the books. The experts at the Academy help the condidate in doing that. in addition to this,scientifically compiled and relevant study material in printed form is made available to the students to help them for their prepartion.

Courses offered by the Academy

The Academy offers four kinds of well designed courses to suit the level, aptitude and aspiration of different student. These are Foundation Course (an integrated and comprehensive guidance and training programme for Preliminary, Mains and Interview). Preliminary Programme ( only for the preliminary Examination). Main Programme (only for the main Examination) and Interview Guidance Programme (for the preparation of interview), Postal Guidance Programme and test Series & Interective Programme, Details about these courses are mentioned the course programme.

The Academy also offers guidance on a number of scoring popular optional subjects both from Humanities and Sciences. We provide a good number of optional subjects under one roof. The objective behind this is to facilitate serious candidates choose their optional subject without any constraint and also to save time. In fact , selection of optional subjects should be made on the basis of interest available study material, proper guidance and scoring pattern. Moreover for scoring good marks, it is important that a candidate should develop his own point of view on a subjet and learn effective method of presentation with good writing skill. This can of selection and not under any compulasion, This is why the Academy offers guidance on a various popular optional subjects to facilitate aspirants as for as possible, in selecting right optional subjects.

Teaching Methodology
Through lecture and discussion topics of the syllabus of a subject are throughly covered.Attention is paid to the topic and areas of concern,which are important for the examination dirctly or indirctly,irrespective of the fact wether or not they are mentioned in the syllabus.in order to improvise the classroom teaching student are encouraged to discuss critical topic individually.Special attention is paid to the personal problems of every candidate.Periodical tests are organised to assess the progress of candidates and to develop their efficiency and accuracy.

As mentioned in the gazette of the UPSC, the Civil Services Examination is not a mere test of knowledge, it is, in fact, an evaluation of a condidate's originality of thinking and his point of view on a subject matter, Therefore, there would be no award for bookish and scholarly answer, The answer should be relevent properly focused and it shoul reveal the analytical power, effective method of presentation and point of viewof a condidate. Keeping in mind the basic requriments of the Civil Services Examinatio, a candidate has to pass through two stages in has preparation, in his first stage a condidate simply covers the syllabus and gets to know the fundamentals of the subject concerned, in his second stage, he should assimilate complete khowlodge of the subject, develop his own point of view on that should learn now to present it effectively and coherently in order to match the parameters of the Civil Services Examination. Most candidates restrict their perparation to the first stage. Those who graduate to the second stage can only think of qualifying in this examination.

The Academy takes responsibillty of thorough prepration of both stages. The Director of the Academy firmly believes in giving special emphasis on the second stage. Therefore, from the current academic session, there would be a special package of disussions, tests and practice to fulfill the requirments of the second stage of preparation. Some of the important personality traits of a good administrator are creative vision, acumen of implementation, positive thinking, quick decision making power, effective communication and originality of thinking and point of view etc. These traits have direct relation with the attiude and approach of a person. the Director of the Academy believes that success or failure is directly related to one`s personality. the Academy therefore, provides personality development and perfect grooming of the candidates at all its centres.Students are made to attend seminars and workshops on Smart Learning as well. For incerasing the awarenness and dynamism of students, seminars on current topics, guest lectures by senior bureaucrats and behavioral experts are arranged from time to time

Personality Development Programme (PDP)
A baianced personality is needed not only for interview/personality test but also for success in every stage of the examination and rather in every walk of life. The Academy believes that "success of a person is a product of his personality". This is related to his ability to orient himself according to the requirements of the field chosen by him. This is related to his ability to orient himself according to the requirements of the field chosen by him. This is why, the Academy has started a regular Personality Development Programme with the help of a team of some of the finest available trainers, psychologists, administrators, concept builders, burequerats, management experts and visiting celebrities. This programme helps people in general and students in particular to achieve something extraordinary in their life.

A unique and first of its kind in india, a training programme- SMART LEARNING PROGRAMME (SLP) has been introduced by the Academy. Using the latest research on learnung techniques and counselling, a one-day workshop and seminar is presented for the students to help them become effective learners and enhance their emotional intelligence

Monthly Information Bulletin
To reach out to the student of far away and remote places and to extand reliable and quality study material and guidance to the students who are not able to come to delhi, the Acadmey publishes its monthly information bulletin both in Hindi and English, CRESCENT CURRENT AFFAIRS TODAY. A team of highly experienced and dedicated experts of Civil Services Examination work under the guidance and direct supervision of the Academic Director, DR. S.M. Ajaz.

The Acedemy provides the scholarships for maritorious and economically weaker sections of the society. Apart from that the Academy facilitates women, the Minorities, Schedule Casts, Schedule Tribes and Other Backward Classes (OBC) as the Academy is devoted and dedicated to their upliftment and advancement so that India can be truly a Welfare State. This is our mission