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Course Details

Courses offered by the Academy

The Academy offers four kinds of well designed courses to suit the level, aptitude and aspiration of different students. These are Foundation Course (an integrated and comprehensive guidance and training programme for Preliminary, Mains and Interview). Preliminary Programme ( only for the preliminary Examination). Main Programme (only for the main Examination) and Interview Guidance Programme (for the preparation of interview), Postal Guidance Programme and test Series & Interective Programme. Details about these courses are mentioned in the course programme.

The Academy also offers guidance on a number of popular optional subjects, both from Humanities and Sciences. We provide a good number of optional subjects under one roof. The objective behind it is to facilitate serious candidates choose their optional subject without any constraint and also to save the time. In fact, selection of optional subjects should be made on the basis of interest, available study material, proper guidance and scoring pattern. Moreover for scoring good marks, it is important that a candidate should develop his/her own point of view on a subject and learn effective method of presentation with good writing skill. This can be done by selection and not under any compulsion. That is why the Academy offers guidance on various popular optional subjects to facilitate aspirants, as far as possible, in the selection of suitable optional subjects.

Foundation Course
Foundation Course is the most popular and widely accepted course offered by the Academy. For grooming the motivated candidates, this is a complete Guidance Programme for all the three stages of the Civil Services Examination, namely Preliminary, Main and Interview. This Programme is developed by the Director Academic and by a team of academicians and bureaucrats engaged in research and development work of the Academy. This course has produced appreciable results. A very large percentage of successful candidates of Cresent Academy belong to this unique course. Keeping in mind the fast changing trends of the Civil Services Examination, this course has been updated for the new academic session starting from 1 May 2004.

It is a well known fact that the Civil Services Examintion (CSE) is quite different from the conventional university examinations. This is because the objective of the CSE is fundamentally different from university examinations. The aim of the CSE in not to look for a scholar but an administrator. Therefore, al through the three stages(Preliminary, Main & Interview) there is constant evaluation of a condidate's administrative capabilities. Moreover, it is a competitive examination in which a condidate's performance is seen in comparison to that of other participants.

In order to quality in the CSE, a condidate needs a proper perspective understanding of the nature and orientation of the examination and a perfect grooming to fullfill its requirements. Mere completion of the prescribed syallabus and cramming facts and figures will not help in qualifying for the examination. This much can be done by any hardworking candidate. In fact, the same kind of books and material are read by most of the serious and laborious candidates. There is need of excellence in terms of approach of reading and writing and developing accuracy and efficiency. However, what is most important is a candidate's ability to develop his own point of view on a subject that he reads and his capacity to present it a convincing way. The candidate should reflect originality in his thoughts and expression and should be update and balance in approach.

While desiring this course, the above mentioned facts have been given proper weightage. Therefore, under the Foundation Course attention is paid to the complete development of a candidate so that he can face all the three stages of the CSE confidently. Under this programme there will be thorough coverage of syllabus of both the Optional Subjects, General Studies and Essay and Genral English papers with an integrated approach to preparation for Prelims, Main and Interview. Personality Development Programme is the strength of this Programme to make the Civil Services aspirants successful. There will be no long vacation except the weekly holiday on Monday. The admission to this course will be strictly through Screening Test which will consist of both Objective and Subjective tests in addition to an aptitude test and interview of the candidate. There will be only six batches starting on 7 May, 7 June, 12 August and 3 September, Seats in every batch will be limited.

Preliminary Programme
This is a guidance programme with a duration of about three months. Syllabus will be covered throughly with main emphasis on the subject matter, facts and concepts according to the requirements of the Objective Test. Condidates have to selecte the most relevant answer out of the four options given. There is need of a high level of clarity and efficiency. Therefore, there will be spacial emphasis is given to simulate examination condidates through frequent Model Tests.

Main(s) Programme
This is a highly intensive programme focused on the requirement of the Civil Services (Main) Examination. Its duration will be three months. The classoom teachings will be provided 5-days a week. The syllabus will be covered with special emphasis on the impotant topics for the Main Examination. Lectures and discussion with be supplemented with Modal Test on the pattern of the Main examination. Special attention will be paid to writing practice.

Under this programme each batch has limited seats will be started in the first week of August and only those condidates will be admitted who have cleared the Preliminary Examination in the year concerned.

Interview Guidance Programme
Interview is a crucial for the Civil Services Examination as it carries 300 marks. Ranking in the final selection list depends mainly on the marks scored in the interview. Thus it is decisive for the final selection. If a candidates has received interview call with just qualifying marks. The Interview Guidance Programme of the Academy has helps condidates to score marks upto 243. Last year (CSE 2001) 16 condidates of Cresent Academy were finally selected for Civil Services. Including a number of them into proper IAS, IFS & IPS.

The Inteview Guidance Programme of the Academy is unique, It has been designed and developed to generate the confidence of a candidate and groom him to match the expectations of Interview Board, In addition to discussion and lecture on relevnt topic, three interviews in simulated condition are given by interview panels consisting of senior bureaurats (IAS,IFS,IPS &IRS),a retired expert member of the UPSC, the Director of the Academy, subject expert and psychoanalyst. Four such interviews are given with some changes in the panel. Each interview is video recorded and later on shown to candidates in presence of experts. Through feedback of each interview is given by all the members. There is a close circuit television also available for live watching of the interviews of the other condidates.

Postal Guidance Programme
Our Postal Guidance Programme is best designed to being at the Crescent Academy for CSE, for those students who are inable to join the Personal Interactive Programme. This course helps the candidates in getting the expert guidance even while staying far away from the study centers. The Academy offers correspondence courses for both the Preliminary and the Main Examination. The study material is exhaustive, relevant, error free, up-to-date and scientifically compiled by a group of respective subject experts. The main strength of this Programme is regular tests and evaluation of Model Questions by Academy through Postal Guidance Programme.

English Language Programme
The Civil Services Examination offers you the choice to answer your question papers in any of the languages recognised under Shedule VIII of the indianConstitution. However, there are two compulsory papers in English - Essay and General English. While the Essay paper is compulsory the paper on General English is of a qualifying nature. The two papers are, thus, crucial to your success in the Civil Services Examination.

The Crescent Academy has formulated two special study packages for this slot. The package on English Essay (300 marks) contains 30 essays on topics of current national and global interest, science, technology, essay on a personal (subjective) nature, essay on general subjects, etc. The study package seeks to cover all the topics that might be expected to appear in the Main Examination. What you require is further practice on essay-writing by attempting essay on similar or related subjects by bringing in your own input for individuality and personal touch to score over others. The package on General English (300 marks) concerns areas in Applied Grammar and gies much beyond the scope of the examination by including items that polish your language abillity and comprehension. It will serve as an ideal tool to help you in attempting papers in other subjects as well.

Test Series and Interactive Programme (TSIP)
This is the innovative idea developed by our Academy's Research and Development Group (R&D) for the first time in the country. The UPSC's revised syllabus has changed the trend of asking the questions both the Preliminary and Main Exams. The trends of the questions are Conceptual-based facts focused on contemporary applied fields. In our TSIP Programme a complete Test Package of optionalSubjects and General Studies been developed to make sure the candidate to clear the Preliminary/Main Exam without any risk. The highlight of this TSIP Programme is all the ecpected Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of the Prelims are framed topic wise if this respective subjects and supported by explanatory answers. Similarly the Main Examination Package is available with Model Answers. And a worshop is arranged to clear the doubts and provide guidance to maintain the speed and accuaracy in examination at their respective centres (for both Prelims/Main) of Crescent Adcademy countrywide.

Foundation Course (Pre-cum-Mains)

English & Hindi Medium: General Studies, History, Public Administration, Geography, Scociology, Political Science, Law, Philosophy, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Main Examination

English & Hindi Medium: General Studies, History, Public Administration, Philosophy and Scociology, Political Science, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Preliminary Examination

English & Hindi Medium: General Studies, History, Public Administration, Political Science, Scociology, Law, Philosophy, Chemistry and Geography.

Postal Guidance Programme (Preliminary)

English & Hindi Medium: (For Prelims) General Studies, History, Public Administration, Chemistry, Geography, Scociology, Philosophy, Political Science and Chemistry.

English & Hindi Medium: (For Mains) General Studies, History, Public Administration, Scociology, Political Science, Psychology, Botany and Geography.

Test Series and Interactive Programme (TSIP)

This programme is available in both English and Hindi: General Studies, Indian History, Public Administration, Geography, Sociology and Political Science.

Commencement of Courses
Sr. No. Course Duration Date of Commencement of the batcshes in Delhi and other Centres
1 Mains 2003 3 Months Second Week of July 2003
2 Foundation Course 9 Months 8 Mays, 8 June, 8 August, & 8 September 2004
3 Prelims Programme 3 Months 12 December '04 & 12 January '05
4 Interview Guidance Programme 10 Days One Week after the result of Main Exam
5 Postal Courses   Admissions are open throughout the year
6 Tests Series & Interactive Programme   Admissions are open throughout the year